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Jan 15
On Jan 5, 2016 NCH Board Secretary and addictions researcher, Loretta Butehorn, PhD CCH, testified before the New Hampshire (NH) Joint Commission on Opioid Addiction on the use of homeopathic Nux vomica as an effective antidote to severe drug cravings for people in early recovery. Dr. Butehorn testified at the request of NH Representative Dr. Valerie Fraser (a homeopathic veterinarian) who had added an amendment to the NH Opioid Treatment bill allowing for NH addiction treatment programs to utilize Council for Homeopathic Certification certified homeopaths in their program of services for...
Dec 11
"As you are all no doubt aware, the homoeopathic profession is in the aftermath of the release of the findings of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) 'Homeopathy Review', released on March 11, 2015.  NHMRC concluded, “Based on the assessment of the evidence of effectiveness of homeopathy, NHMRC concludes that there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.”   The NHMRC’s finding is damaging to the profession and is having repercussions both in Australia and...
Dec 1
The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy recently announced (via the letter below) that it will be providing research coordination and resources to researchers in the field of homeopathy.    Dear Homeopaths,   Prof. George Vithoulkas announced more than once the importance of high quality research in homeopathy. Therefore he inaugurated me as research-coordinator of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Here, I want to present myself and our future policy:   I am a medical doctor and dealing with research-questions in homeopathy since 2010, when...