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Dec 1
The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy recently announced (via the letter below) that it will be providing research coordination and resources to researchers in the field of homeopathy.    Dear Homeopaths,   Prof. George Vithoulkas announced more than once the importance of high quality research in homeopathy. Therefore he inaugurated me as research-coordinator of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Here, I want to present myself and our future policy:   I am a medical doctor and dealing with research-questions in homeopathy since 2010, when...
Nov 25
It is said that history often repeats itself.  In March of 1876, a group of eminent physicians gathered in Philadelphia to honor Dr. Constantine Hering, the “father of North American Homeopathy”, with testimonials offering praise to his “intellectual ability, untiring industry, broad culture and liberal spirit” and cited that it is to him that “….homeopathy preeminently owes her firm establishment and vigorous growth in America….”  On November 8, 2015, that piece of history repeated itself a bit as the National Center for...
Nov 2
MEDIA ALERT Homeopathy Pioneer Constantine Hering, MD to be honored at Dedication Ceremony. Celebration honors the “father of American Homeopathy” with official state historical marker on November 8, 2015.           The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) and the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission are pleased to announce the dedication of an official state historical marker commemorating the “father of American Homeopathy,” Constantine Hering, MD.   Dr. Hering was considered the father of homeopathic medicine...